With estate agent fees costing an average of 1.42% (£3,976*), you can enjoy having more money to spend on your new dream home.

Why choose Assisted Move?

Fallen in love with a new Danum home but need to sell your existing property first? We could have the ideal solution…

  • No need to wait – Once you have found your new Danum home, you can go ahead and reserve without having to have a buyer already in place for your existing property.
  • Peace of mind – We will arrange for the valuations to be carried out and help sell your home at a price agreed by you and ourselves (t’s & c’s apply)
  • Leave it to us – We will arrange for the valuations to be carried out and then monitor the progress of the sale, giving you regular updates.
  • No estate agents fees – We will do all the hard work, so you don’t have to, including paying estate agents Fees
  • Free, Independent Advice – We will happily put you in touch with an Independent Financial Advisor to help you with your move


How the scheme works:

  1. Select a new Danum home at one of our Hedgerow Gainsborough development and pay the reservation fee of £500.
  2. We will instruct our preferred agents DDM Residential to value your existing property. Please let us know if you have already entered into an agreement with an estate agent.
    3.We will then instruct this estate agent to market your property at an agreed price.
  3. DDM Residential will sell your home for an initial period of 4 weeks. Please note: the Danum home will not be taken off sale during this period.
  4. Once sold, we will monitor the progress of the sale to ensure everything runs smoothly, giving you regular updates along the way.6. If after the 4 week period your home has not sold, we are then on hand to discuss the best way forward to get you moving to your new Danum home.

Book an appointment with a member of our Sales team who will be happy to talk you through the process and start you on the journey to your new dream home.


Hedgerow Enquiry

Terms and Conditions

  1. To be considered for assisted move, you will need to provide access to our appointed estate agents or our representative within 3 working days for the purposes of valuations and inspection of your existing property.
  2. Following the valuation from our nominated estate agent and an inspection of your existing property (including an EPC Certificate) we will verbally agree a price to market your existing property at. Your acceptance will be required within 2 working days and any confirmed written offer must be returned within 2 working days of receipt. Upon acceptance your Reservation Agreement will be processed, subject to Anti-Money Laundering checks we must undertake. If you do not accept the price that we suggest for your existing property to be marketed at, your application for assisted move will be cancelled.
  3. If no acceptable offer is received on your existing property within the time period set out in the Assisted Move Agreement, we reserve the right to withdraw the scheme.
  4. You must enter into a Assisted Move Agreement with Danum Homes Limited concerning the sale of your existing property, which will include a time period for the marketing of your existing property.
  5. You agree to Danum Homes appointing a nominated estate agent whom you will instruct to market and sell your existing property.
  6. You agree you will have no control over which estate agents we instruct, or the terms of that appointment.
  7. You agree to allow reasonable access to your existing property to facilitate the resale (subject to agreed appointments), to the erection of a “for sale” sign and to co-operate fully with our estate agent in their endeavours to market and sell your existing property.
  8. Should you terminate the Assisted Move Agreement within the time period set out in the Agreement then we may retain the Reservation Deposit payment for costs incurred as set out within the Reservation Agreement.
  9. This offer is also subject to the terms of your Reservation Agreement with us which explains the circumstances in which we may retain your Reservation Deposit.
  10. In order to meet our exchange requirement, you will need to ensure your solicitor is instructed to proceed on your behalf upon acceptance of an offer of your existing property and completion of our Reservation Agreement.
  11. We agree to pay the estate agent’s commission plus VAT for marketing and selling your existing property provided you legally complete on the purchase of your new Danum Homes home.
  12. You agree not to instruct another estate agent to sell your existing property until your Assisted Move Agreement has ended, that no party is currently negotiating to purchase your existing property and that no introduction has already been made by another party.
  13. You agree to cancel any existing arrangements with any agents’ and any agents’ fees or commissions and VAT that may have been incurred by you prior to our Assisted Move Agreement will remain your responsibility. Danum Homes will not accept liability towards any such costs or charges.
  14. Any estate agent appointed by ourselves to market your existing property will be acting on our behalf and should the complete transaction proceed to mutual legal completion any fees and commissions for the appointed estate agent will be met by Danum Homes. Should either party withdraw from the transaction but you continue to sell your existing property to any individual introduced by our appointed estate agent during the period of our instructions, and any such sale proceeds to legal completion, you would be responsible for the estate agent’s commission and VAT.
  15. Your existing property must continue to be maintained internally and externally to an acceptable standard until legal completion and on legal completion must be left clean and tidy including the garden, loft and any outbuildings with only the agreed items remaining.
  16. Full vacant possession of your existing property will be required upon legal completion.