December has gotten off to a particularly chilly start with temperatures dropping to well below freezing. The prospect of a cold winter is less than ideal when you combine it with rising energy costs and the cost-of-living crisis. If living in a home that costs less to heat interests you, or that is indeed warmer throughout the winter months, you will want to read on.

The UK has one of the oldest and least energy efficient housing stocks in the whole of Europe with 70% of homes built before 1980, and a huge proportion being more than 100 years old. Older houses take far longer to heat up and when they are finally up to temperature, they lose that heat very fast.

Our new homes at The Pavilion are made for modern living, which is why they can save you money during these cold winter months. Here’s how:


Heat your home for less

With gas and electricity prices at an all-time high, you’ll want a home that uses energy wisely. All our properties at The Pavilion are equipped with efficient combi boilers paired with a smart Hive Thermostat. This can allow you to heat your home for specific periods, and even specific rooms, to reduce waste and save money. Research carried out in October 22 found that new-build properties save an average of just over £2,000 per property each year, with the average annual running costs for a new build totalling £1,500 as compared to an average of £3,570 for older properties.



High-quality insulation in the walls and roofs of a Pavilion home means they will stay warmer for longer, which can’t be said for older homes that are poorly insulated. This means having to turn the heating on far less often.


Double Glazing

All our windows are double glazed as standard which massively reduces heat loss. Rather than have one pane of glass, you’ll get two protecting your home. As a result, you’ll have a thermal barrier which keeps heat inside your living space. Typically, poorly performing windows can lose up to 10% of your home’s energy so these are vital to protect against the elements and keep more cash in your pocket!



Lighting makes up around 20% of the average UK household electricity bill, so we give it the attention it deserves to make our homes as energy efficient as possible! All our internal lights are fitted with low energy bulbs to reduce costs and CO2 emissions. Further to that, when designing our homes, we position windows perfectly to reduce the reliance on artificial lighting where possible.


Energy Bills Contribution Promotion

If all the above reasons aren’t enough to convince you, how does a contribution of £2500 towards your energy bills sound? Sounds too good to be true right? It’s not! For a limited time only when you reserve a plot at The Pavilion we’re offering £2,500 towards your energy bills AND £1,000 per month towards your mortgage payments. Find out more about this incredible deal here.


Interested in an energy efficient new home?

Whether it’s reduced energy bills, the prospect of a warmer house or even reducing carbon emissions for the environment, a home at The Pavilion in Costhorpe can help you achieve this. Find out more about The Pavilion today.